What is the TRS?

An introduction to the Total Rewards Statement

Total Reward Statement (TRS) is the one place that you can see at a glance what all the benefits are that you receive as part of the NHS.

You will normally find the TRS within your organisation’s intranet however it can also be located at Login – Total Rewards Statement (totalrewardstatements.nhs.uk)

Within the TRS you will find your Annual Benefit (Pension) Statement (ABS).

This will be broken down to the various parts of the NHS Pension Schemes you have accrued membership in.

There will be a different page for the 1995 and 2008 Sections as well as the current 2015 Scheme.

Below is a sample of an Annual Benefit (Pension) Statement.  It is found within your Total Rewards Statement (TRS). 

If your organisation uses the Electronic Staff Record (ESR), or similar, it is usually found there under ‘Pensions’.

It can also be accessed at its own web site, just click this link Login – TRS

There are different details on the statements for the 1995 & 2008 Sections and the 2015 Scheme.

This example provides a generic overview to help you understand what it all means.

What a Total Reward Statement includes

Your TRS will provide personalised information about the value of your employment package and include details about your remuneration and the benefits provided locally by your employer.

For members of the NHS Pension Scheme your TRS may also include an annual pension benefit statement.

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